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BuildBuddy will soon be expanding our services further with a dedicated section to residential land . In this section you will be able to list and search for blocks of land for sale that are suitable for home building. Real Estate Agents please subscribe to our newsletter to be eligible to upload your land listings for free. 
Calling all Builders...
If you are a builder, designer, conveyancer, real estate agent or mortgage broker we are interested in hearing from you. We are looking to expand our database of quality professionals to refer our community of home builders to. If you are interested in working with our clients and you are currently not on our database, please fill in you details under the "Contact Us" page and we will be in contact with you shortly.
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We can help you find finance for your new home...

We offer help to find you the best finance lenders and mortgage brokers that specialise in construction finance. Requirements from lenders can differ greatly and it is important that you secure a loan facility that is right for you. Please fill in your details in the "Contact Us" section and we will be in contact to find the right specialist for you.

How is construction finance different from a "traditional" home loan?

Construction finance differs from "traditional" home loans in several key ways. Firstly there will usually be two loan applications, one for the land and one for the building, that are settled seperately. The second loan when triggered, will combine with the first loan when drawn down. Secondly the final amount that you wish to borrow for the construction of the home won't be known until you have building the contract, generally some time later after you have purchased the land. Thirdly the full amount will not be drawn down in one amount like when you purchase an existing home, but will be payed to the builder in key stages of completion called progress payments.

Generally key stages when progress payments are made to the builder include:
1) Deposit on contract signing
2) Slab
3) Frame
4) Lock up
5) Fixing
6) Hand over