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BuildBuddy will soon be expanding our services further with a dedicated section to residential land . In this section you will be able to list and search for blocks of land for sale that are suitable for home building. Real Estate Agents please subscribe to our newsletter to be eligible to upload your land listings for free. 
Calling all Builders...
If you are a builder, designer, conveyancer, real estate agent or mortgage broker we are interested in hearing from you. We are looking to expand our database of quality professionals to refer our community of home builders to. If you are interested in working with our clients and you are currently not on our database, please fill in you details under the "Contact Us" page and we will be in contact with you shortly.
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What is conveyancing? 

Conveyancing describes the legal process that involves the transfer of legal title of property from one person to another or the granting of an encumberance such as a mortgage. A typical transaction involves two components... the exchange of contracts and settlement or completion.
Conveyancing protects both the seller and buyer in that the seller has legal right to sell the property and ensures that the seller receives the agreed compensation for the transfer of interest in the property. It further protects the buyer in ensuring there are no restrictions in place that might impede the transfer of title and that the buyer is getting what they paid for with no nasty surprises.
If you intend to buy or sell a property you will need a conveyancer or solicitor to complete the transaction for you.

We can help you find a conveyancer: 

We offer help to find you a local conveyancer or solicitor that can assist you with the legal aspects of buying / selling land and entering into a building contract. Most firms will offer you a flat rate fee to complete the process for you. We recommend specialists in your area that specialise in new home construction. Please fill in your details in the "Contact Us" section and we will be in contact to find the right specialist for you.

What is a conveyancer and how are they different from a solicitor?

A conveyancer is a qualified specialist in the legal work involved in a transfer of an interest in personal or real property. A qualified conveyancer only practices in this area, where as a solicitor is qualified to practice in other areas of law as well. In NSW a solicitor will have completed a law degree from university and be licensed to practive as a solicitor; whereas a conveyancer will complete a specific degree or diploma through TAFE or university that meets with the requirements of the NSW Office of Fair Trading.
Generally if you are looking to make a simple purchase of a block of land or property, the experience of a conveyancer in dealing only in this area of law would be your first choice, it can also be the cost cost effective option as you are not paying for a solicitor. A solicitor may be a better choice if your purchase is of a more complex nature involving shareholdings, company or trust structures, or partnership agreements. The experience of a solicitor in other aspects of law such as contract law will give you far more comprehensive advice.
For further information on conveyancers you may wish to visit the NSW division of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers: