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BuildBuddy will soon be expanding our services further with a dedicated section to residential land . In this section you will be able to list and search for blocks of land for sale that are suitable for home building. Real Estate Agents please subscribe to our newsletter to be eligible to upload your land listings for free. 
Calling all Builders...
If you are a builder, designer, conveyancer, real estate agent or mortgage broker we are interested in hearing from you. We are looking to expand our database of quality professionals to refer our community of home builders to. If you are interested in working with our clients and you are currently not on our database, please fill in you details under the "Contact Us" page and we will be in contact with you shortly.
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Free Help in Picking Your Builder.

Helping you find the right builder to build your dream home is the is primary expertise of BuildBuddy.

Large builders spend thousands of dollars on professional marketing and advertsing campaigns, supporting charities and community involvement to give a warm image of trust and reliability. The problem is how does this help you pick out the good ones from the bad when they all have flash advertising and they all support some charity? Or what about the small local builder that does excellent work and does not spend any money on advertising as all of the builder's work comes from referrals; how can you know who they are? Our job is to know and to help you compare different quotes and give unbiased feedback on who the most reliable builders are that are best suited to the type of home you wish to build. We are not owned by any builders, we are not builders, we are independent and offer a personalised face to face building broker service that empowers the consumer to get more choice, better service and more competitive prices! A win all round. And best of all, it is a free service!

We use our experience in dealing with builders to help you in a couple of ways: 

1) Ensuring you get a builder that is looking for work; and is not so busy they will just over quote you. 

2) Using our buying power to give accountability. A bad job with us means a builder will not get any more referrals from us and will also get a bad reputation on our "Feedback Forum". Obviously a builder who is consistently delivering quality jobs will get a lot of business from us. This is where our building community will keep the builders honest.

3) Understanding exactly what a quote means. What is a fixed price contract and what parts of the contract are not locked down? It is not uncommon for builders to win jobs by submitting the lowest quote but allowing room in the contract to charge more later. The quote that seems more expensive may infact be better value as site costs. We will help explain in simple terms the differences between the quotes to help you choose the best value option.

4) Long term. Our builders are committed to dealing with us on a long term basis. They will not try to 'pull the wool over our eyes'. This will ensure you will be given a fair dinkum quote.

5) Design. We will also explain the pros and cons of getting the builder to come up with the design for you, or picking a project home design 'off the shelf'. Whist there can be great cost savings by doing this it usually means you do not own the design and are locked in with that builder day one. 

6) Variations. Builders will say that they will allow you to make minor amendments to the home once it is under contruction (provided it does not delay the job or require council approval). The reality is a lot of builders do not become so helpful once the contract is signed. Most will charge variation fees or refuse to make any changes. We know which builders are genuine.

7) Soil test. A soil test is absolutely essential to have completed prior to buying any block of land. It will give you a good idea amongst other things of what you are building upon and how much your site costs are likely to be. usually a test cost less than $600 and may save you thousands, it is a prudent investment and a requirement of any competent builder. make sure that any test you pay a builder to do for you are released to you, meaning if you choose another builder you don't pay twice.

8) Contour survey. A contour surbey test is a requirement both of the council, designer and builder. It will show the change in height across the block of land and will be used to determine how the building will be situated on the fall of the slope, stormwater drainage and requirements of cut and fill and retaining walls. Generally a design can not occur without a contour survey being completed first. Similar to a soil test they usually cost around the $600 mark. And again make sure that any contour survey you pay a builder to do for you are released to you, meaning if you choose another builder you don't pay twice.